From Bingin Beach to Sennen Cove, the Silver Coast to Sri Lanka, The Surf Atlas offers ultimate guides to the world’s best breaks, beaches and surf towns.
We aim to cover everything you need to know about a surf destination, from the hidden reefs to the top hotels and after-surf bars.  All simple, easy to follow, and free!


From Peniche to the Silver Coast to the rugged bays of the Algarve, Portugal has more surf destinations than you can shake a saltcod at.


Our guides have in-depth info on the specific breaks that make each place special, along with detailed guides to the surf seasons.

Sri Lanka

The Teardrop of India is a surf mecca. Reef breaks so see-through they’re like cling film meet beginner waves that are perfect for learning.


Our guides range all across the popular south-west coast and Arugam Bay, but also go to lesser-known Sri Lankan surf towns like Dickwella and Hiriketiya (our fav!).

Buying a wetsuit?

From the top summer suits to the best surf booties, we’ve got the lowdown on all the neoprene gear you could need this year.

Our guides are up-to-date and written by surf experts who know a thing or two about keeping warm when the water temperature drops!