5 of the Best Surfboard Bike Rack Buys

by Asia Kaczmarczyk
Surfboard bike rack options

A surfboard bike rack is your ticket to getting to the waves on two wheels. Seriously, these things are cool. If you’re thinking about bagging one for your rig, we can’t be more certain: Do it! They’ve helped us out in little villages on the south-west Sri Lanka coast, in the bustling towns of Bali (we’re not the type to scooter around), and even along the rugged shores of Portugal. We LOVE em’!

This guide takes a look at five of the top options that are readily available on the market today. There are products that are best for shortboards, others for longboards, and some with extra lightness and bungee chords, all of which are features you’ll have to think about when you come to buy.

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NORKER Surfboard Bike Rack

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED: $79.95, reduced from $99.95

The NORKER Surfboard Bike Rack has risen to become a bit of an industry standard. Not only is the top seller on a few major marketplaces, but it’s also got some stonking great reviews. They really cut their teeth on simplicity. We love step-by-step fixing instructions for this piece of kit. The setup relies on just one clinch pin that you goes straight beneath the saddle. It’s not rocket science, folks!

The Norker (or NORKER, or NorKer – which is it?) also comes with lots of adjustment options that’s easy to do with just a nifty pull of one leg or the other. It should stand up for most board sizes but gets a little tricky with anything that’s 8″+. Loggers beware. You also get a styro coating that means you won’t be worrying about your rails every time you rumble across a pot hole.

The only downsides we can see with this one is that it’s metal-to-metal connections, so might leave a mark or two on your beloved cruiser. Then again, why are you taking it off?

  • Easy to fix and adjust
  • Styro cover to protect rails
  • Free wetsuit hanger to go with it (at time of writing)
  • Metal-on-metal fixing can leave marks on bike
  • Not enough clearance for anything over 8 foot

Emojo Bike Surfboard Carrier Rack


The Emojo is the only surfboard rack for bikes on this list that can handle two board at the same time. That’s great news if you can’t decide whether it’s a day for the fat 6 footer or the sharp 5″8. Oh, and it’s a doozy for couples who surf together, although remember that one cyclist is going to be doing all the heavy lifting! Redesigned in 2020 to bring extra strength and sturdiness, the product has a single join to the bike’s undersaddle and two racks folded right on top of each other.

As you’d expect, that means this one’s more wobbly and more cumbersome than its single-board compadres. But that’s just how the cookie crumbles. You wan’t two boards at the beach? Be ready for a little extra instability. Either way, the Emojo does a decent job of it, and there are terse bungees there to help keep everything in place.

  • Holds two boards!
  • Single fixture point
  • Strong bungees
  • A little wobbly – but then it’s for two boards!
  • No padding on the metal to protect rails

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack


Smooth, mellow sets the order of the day? Crack out the log and rely on this specially designed longboard rack to get you and your quiver to the break. You’ll notice how the design is split across two fixtures. That’s to ensure that there’s enough weight distribution for the extra bulk of eight or nine footers. Moved By gets good plaudits for their sturdiness and strength, so there’s no having to worry about cracked metal if you’re riding on potholed roads, either – Sri Lanka, we’re looking at you!

The MBB is a different beast to most of the surfboard bike rack products on this page. That’s because it requires two fixings to get it onto the bike itself, as opposed to just the one. Maybe…potentially irritating if you’re worried about scratching the finish on your new retro cruiser? However, the dual fixings are there to widen the balance on the hold, making them a great option for longboarders and for cycling over rough surfaces. They’re also well padded, so don’t don’t mark easily.

We also really like the versatility that comes with the Moved By model. It’s good for a whole range of bikes, including classic Cali beach cruisers and mountain bikes. What’s more, both frames are detachable without you having to unscrew the main bolts. That’s a godsend if you store your ride somewhere tight. Just click the rack off and whack it back on again when you roll out for the dawnie. Easy.

  • The longboard option
  • Sturdy metalwork
  • Easily detatchable
  • Two fixtures required
  • Not the best choice for shortboards

Onefeng Sports Rack


The Onefeng Sports Surfboard Bike Rack is a good all-rounder option that makes this list mainly on account of its versatility. With a singe lynch pin fixture that goes around the base of the saddle, this one can be used on a whole host of different frames and bike styles – from low riders to lazy city bikes. It’s really easy to get going. Just join it up with the metal posting below the seat and adjust the arms to fit your board.

Talking of adjustments, the arms can be extended to accommodate surfboards with bigger volumes and widths. They also come with stretchy bungees for that extra adhesion (great if you’re planning on cycling in high-traffic areas or on hills). The only downside with this all-rounder model is the fact it’s only good for boards up to a max of eight foot. It also can’t do SUP boards.

  • Easy to fix
  • Adjustable for different board volumes
  • Fixing bungee ropes
  • No good for true longboards
  • No good for SUP

COR Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack


COR shortboard rack stands out on account of just how light it is. The metal is full aluminium alloy, so the grammage is cut to next to nothing. Upshot? It’s a fine option for getting to and from the breaks on two wheels if you like in hilly areas or have a heavy board. The metal is also rust resistant and has graded welding work, so you should find those all-important joints hold up well, even after waiting by the beach in the salt air.

There’s another feature that makes the COR surfboard rack stand out from the crowd: The bungee. On this model it’s totally inbuilt. We can’t stress just how nice that is. You won’t be fiddling around with annoying pull chords and fixtures while you miss the sets. It’s just a case of whacking the elasticated cables over your ride and pulling them tight. Viola: Off you pedal! The COR also employs quick-release buttons for when the rack’s not needed.

One potential downside is that this is a V-rack (made from a single fixture, not two) and a small one at that. It’s only really good for shortboards. But, hey, the clue’s in the name!

  • Very light
  • In-built elastic bungee chords to secure your board
  • Easy on-off release buttons
  • Only for shortboards
  • Not adjustable to different rails and board widths

If you’ve sampled any other surfboard bike rack and really think we’ve missed a trick by not having them on this list of the best buys, be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below. We always love to share in-the-know tips about the best surf gear.

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